Clan Info:

Sempiternal Assassins is a clan started by the user KillerCyanide66. To join this clan you must beat KillerCyanide66 in a 1v1 on Battle For The Swing, Duck And Cover, or a map made by himself. Once you take him down once, he will decide whether you are worthy enough to join. (If you beat KillerCyanide66, you will face Killer's best player Lewis154). A good note to add is that, Lewis154 and Tko01 has their own side of the clan. We seperate the strong from the weak. They get 49- levels, and trains them until they are lvl 50 (as long as they are good enough to beat lewis154). Once you have come onto Killer's side of the clan you need no more training and are officially upgraded to a skilled assassin instead of an apprentice. Also a good note is that you will still need to play to get higher levels. Any player gone for a period of time (several months) will be booted from the clan until further notice. Any member promoted to ¨Skilled Assassin¨ gets the clan skin made by KillerCyanide66.

Clan Rankings:

Assassin Apprentice: Trains with Lewis154 and tko01.

Skilled Assassin: Trains with KillerCyanide66.

Master Assassin: Can recruit and train new recruits.

Legendary Assassin: The Assassin over them all. Current Legendary Assassin - KillerCyanide66.


Legendary Assassin: KillerCyanide66.

Resource Officer: tko01.

Master Assassins: Lewis154 and tko01.

Skilled Assassins: badbunny35, NotHackinglol, xAssasin4Hirex, Fearless2223, NixTheCreator, p s y c h e, Tactical Dragon , sup (yes it's an actual player), 3oof, assassinbeat, Leadshot1, Lavaman169, havegums, Fantastic666, DEEZNUTZ2025, Kid_Tfue, LightningMC, Yeetem4Freedom, and Underestimation.

Assassin Apprentices: carterthegamer1, Failzure, MADDIE111, Monika_300, XhosaHybrid, JitterzCraze, SpringFury, Ultra Spartan, and The Scylla.

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